Saturday, November 26, 2011


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     The past few weeks we've been hearing message after message about being tagged by God. 

     TaGged... as in Talented and Gifted.   

     Jentezen Franklin talked about "Living Inside Out."   Joyce Meyers spoke on knowing and sharing God with others.  Joel Osteen talked about how our lives are divinely orchestrated.  One of the readings in Our Daily Bread was about the Craftsman's touch.

     I don't believe it is a coincidence.  I also don't believe that where we are to "give" our talents and gifts is here in Texas.  Tennessee also keeps popping up in things we hear and read.

     I've blogged before about David's "gift" of being able to hear a song and play it by ear.  His "talent" of being able to play multiple instruments.  He has had a calling on him since he was a child to minister with his music, and his heart is in the old bluegrass gospels.  Music like what is played in the hills of Tennessee... in the Apalachians.

     My "gift" (which I know is often a matter of opinion) is with words.  To be able to write ... some say like I speak ... and touch people with my books and blogs.  My "talent" occasionally backfires on me because I tend to express myself more through writing than I can with speaking... and I have no control over how the reader interprets my words.  One person's comprehension and perception can be another person's hurt or offended feelings.

     I'm working on that with a lot of prayer and reflection before I hit the send or publish button now.  The blog you are reading now was most likely written two or three days ago, prayed about, re-read, edited, prayed about some more, before finally being scheduled to publish at a later date.  All of which gives me time to wait to hear God's approval on my words.

     Because this TaG... this Talent and Gift... is His.    By all rights, the copywrite on my work should all read © GOD 2011.  

     All that I am, all that I have, all that I have written or will write is because of Him.  I cannot claim the glory on this because without Him, I am nothing.  I have nothing.

     What is your TaG to share?

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