Sunday, December 4, 2011

Casting Crowns concert...

     David and I went to see Casting Crowns in concert a few nights ago.  It was an early Christmas present to ourselves.

     We are at those awkward Christmas gift ages ~ between a Red Rifle BB Gun or Candyland board game and new t-shirts or granny underwear I can pull up to my neck ~ when the things that we really want or need during the year are bought.  We would really much rather spend money at Christmas 'doing' things rather than 'getting' things.

     I've blogged before on the value of experiences over possessions... when letting go of material "things" doesn't mean losing the memories of them... when time spent laughing with family and friends has more value than money spent on a dust collector or a space taker. 

     This Christmas, consider spending time rather than money.  Make memories, don't just buy them.  Give of yourself, don't just take from others.  When you spend time helping others... at a shelter or soup kitchen... when you spend time cheering others... at a hospital or nursing home... when you spend time with those you love... the joy you receive will be multiplied a thousand times and re-gifted.

     We went to the well and our spirits were refreshed with the living water of worship and praise.  May your spirits be equally blessed this Christmas season!

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