Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally Friday... weekends on the lake

     Weekends seem to go by so fast.  By the time laundry is done, house cleaned up, there may be just a few hours of sun left to go fishing if the weather is warm enough.

     A few weeks ago David and I were exploring around one of the lakes we fish, watching for deer since we had seen several large bucks as we drove up.  As we were walking along the road, we heard some loud rustling coming towards us through the brush.  

     Both of us froze, picturing the large ten-point buck we had briefly seen on the other side coming out on the road ahead of us.  The rustling became louder and I stood with the camera poised to take a picture, wondering if perhaps it was something other than a deer, maybe a coyote, raccoon or armadillo...

     After what seemed like forever, the source of the noise revealed itself... 

Beware of crazed ducks in the woods!

          We laughed until we cried...

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