Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Santas...

     At work I was asked to try to encourage more participants in this year's Secret Santa... but was told I couldn't use strong arm tactics like threatening coal and switches for those who don't participate.

    So instead I told everyone my testimony of how much it meant to me last Christmas and why I'm participating again this year...

     Last year was our first Christmas at Fort Hood.  It was my husband's first Christmas in Texas, but I can't say it was mine because there was a time when I was a child that lived in Texas and had Christmas with family that also lived here.  I don't have many memories because I was pretty young (and yes, that was a very long time ago) but I remember a Super 8 movie that my dad and uncles made of some large-as-little-ol'me Gingerbread people pillows my aunt had made us walking around the house by themselves.

But I babble...

     We didn't know anyone outside of the people I worked with last year, and have no family here.  So I was afraid Christmas would be a bit of a downer for us.  I signed up for the Secret Santa because I needed to get some of that "giving" spirit to lift me up.

     It was the best decision I made.  Christmas became magical again.  Coming into work on the days when I knew there was going to be someone who found a gift from me on their desk was exciting.  There was laughter in the office, random acts of kindness, and it was contagious.

     So for all who have not yet signed up to be a Secret Santa ~ at work, school, church, or just in your neighborhood ~ and are mumbling "Bah Humbug" as they read this... just remember .... even the Grinch found his Christmas heart... even Scrooge found his Christmas cheer.

"The Lord loveth a cheerful giver.  He also accepteth from a grouch." 
~Catherine Hall~

     Be a cheerful giver and catch the spirit of Christmas. 
     You won't regret it.

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