Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sleep in Saturday...

     I was out sick for three days of work this week.  Strep throat.  You'd think that after sleeping most of 48 hours over those three days I'd be wide awake.... Not!  At work yesterday I felt like I'd been hit by a truck and my brain was so fuzzy feeling that it took me several tries to remember all my passwords.  I should have asked my Secret Santa for chocolate covered coffee beans instead of peanut M&Ms.

     Needless to say, the weekend agenda will be following the example that the dogs set... sleeping late... taking naps... and going to bed early.  And because I have Monday off ... make that a three-day weekend to get well.

     It is amazing how a sore throat or sinus infection can make your entire body feel like it has been bulldozed.  Two days of fever requires almost a week of recuperating.  Unfortunately, the boss doesn't agree.

     One of these days, I'm going to have a job I can do from home, wearing my fuzzy pajamas, robe and slippers, curled up on the bed with the dogs snoring around me.  On days when I have web meetings, I can dress from the waist up and sit at my desk in my home office where I will look awake and the snore of my pug, Henry, won't be so easily picked up by the microphone.

     I think I shall begin practicing for that this weekend... a new book has been spinning around my brain and I need to get it out...

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