Saturday, January 7, 2012


Stealing my heart...
      Have you ever spent an afternoon watching ants work?  They are so focused on their work, so dedicated, that they sometimes sacrifice themselves for the good of others just to get the work done.  Need a bridge?  Here, walk on my back.  Need a raft?  Here, stand on me.

     They follow an invisible line from Point A to Point B so closely that if you put something in their way, they at first panic and mill around before finding their way again.  If they can move the object, they will.  If they can't, they will find a way over or around it.

     Ants never give up.  Neither do aunts.

     I spoke recently to my Aunt Nan about some of the things I've been facing in the past year.  It's not like she hasn't had things to face recently either.  I told her about pulling away from family and friends to focus inward to try and get rid of some of my 'stuff' and she said that I can't get rid of aunts.

     I wouldn't want to.  Aunt Nan has always been there with an encouraging word to lift me up when I was down, or a priceless piece of advice when I needed to slow down.  My favorite is when she reminds me of what the airline crew tell you before taking off on a trip.

     "Put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others."

     Thank you.  I love you, Aunt Nan.  I so appreciate you in my life.

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