Tuesday, January 3, 2012


     This morning as I walked into work, the backpack I've been using as a purse felt lighter.  My first thought was that I had forgotten something. 

     I'd had to resort to carrying a "Life is Good" backpack for a purse in November when all of the bits of paper tucked into my day planner journal made it more like a day planner novel close to the size of "War and Peace."  I also carry a digi camera for those "wish I had a camera" moments, my forever empty wallet, and of course, that "always be prepared Girl Scout" stuff that I never need until the day after I take it out of my purse or pack.

     I mentally inventoried my pack as I walked in the almost freezing temperature to my office, but I couldn't think of what I might have forgotten that made it feel so light.  Then suddenly it hit me.

     I'm not carrying around my 2011 baggage anymore.


     I'd swapped out my old day planner for a new 2012 one that still has blank pages.  There are no business cards, receipts, or odds and ends taped into it yet.  No horoscopes, Notes from the Universe, or love notes from my husband.  No pictures or sketches.

     A blank day planner with only a few appointments penciled into it here and there, but nothing written in ink yet. 

     A clean slate.


     That actually is rather exciting to know that this new year, I don't have to carry that old year on my shoulders anymore.  I can put it up on a shelf in the office at home, and forget about it until I need to remember something that happened.  You know, those moments when the CIA shows up at your door and says "Where were you on the night of 23 June 2011 at 6:32 p.m.?"

     It could happen.

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