Friday, January 27, 2012

Cash Mob!!!!

     I read an amazing article on Yahoo News the other day that just made me proud and grateful to be an American... a country that was founded on freedom and opportunity.
 In the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012, Rob Schwind shovels the sidewalk in front of the Chagrin Hardware in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The Shutts family, which has owned the hardware for the last 72 years, was preparing for a community-driven "Cash Mob" of the store to happen that day. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

     In Chagrin Falls, Ohio, a small family owned hardware store was the location for an "occupation" or "cash (flash) mob." [Click here to find out more about how to plan your own Cash Mob.]

     There wasn't any singing or dancing involved... until later anyway when the day's sales were tallied.  All it took was one person sending an email out to 40 friends asking them to help support a local small business by coming out and spending $20 that day.  Those 40 emails were forwarded to others, and by closing time that "small" business had expanded to become a large family of friends and supporters.

     The shop reminded me of a little store in Florida that my dad would always frequent.  Boyette & Casey Hardware. I've only been in there a few times, but it seemed like one of those stores where you would ~ and could ~ find anything you needed, and even those things you didn't realize you needed.  The parking lot is filled with oyster shells from the small family owned oyster bar across the street.  My memories of it from childhood were that it was one of those places like Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.  Full of magic and everything imaginable.

     In this economy of Wal-Marts, superstores and foreign-owned franchises on every corner ... where things are manufactured in China, Mexico, and anywhere else where the employers can get away with underpaying employees ... businesses whose customer service phones are answered by someone in India who has never even heard of Jonesville, Indiana; Millville, Florida; or Chagrin Falls, Ohio...

     I remember my Dad once commenting after he had bought a new work van that he was doing his part to help the economy by getting in debt and making vehicle payments.   In this tough economy where more small businesses have failed than ever before ... when more jobs have been lost than were created ... what if we were to do our part to help the economy by stepping outside the superstore boxes?

     Do you know of a small family owned business in your community that could do with a "cash mob occupation" this month?  Think about it.  Spread the word. 

     Don't wait for empty promises in Washington, DC to bring change to the economy... instead... bring your own change to that local shop and spend it making a change in how we do business in America.

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  1. I've never even heard of this before but WOW, what an amazing idea!!