Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't sweat the small stuff...

     I've been in the process of getting organized... purging... re-gifting... selling some things on eBay.  One person's trash can be another person's treasure... or not.  Either way, I've been putting some of my childhood treasures for sale on eBay.

     I no longer have a fancy china cabinet to put them in... and even if I did... I would probably still not enjoy them as much as I did when I got them as a child.  I am sending some heirlooms on to other family members who will either enjoy them or pass them along to their own children and grandchildren.  Most of these "treasures" have been kept in boxes for so long that seeing them again has come as a surprise for some things.

     I was talking to Mom the other night about some of the things I've sold or am re-gifting.  I told her that honestly, it was the memories of those things that I won't ever lose or replace, and while some of the items have some sentimental value... they aren't any thing I can take with me when I 'go.'

     They will get lost in moves, broken, or at some point when all of my possessions are being divided up after I'm gone, they will be thrown away or given to a charity.  Other people will not have the attachment to them that I've had, and even if they knew of my feelings for them... they won't necessarily share them.

     After my Dad died and we finally got the rest of his will and papers from his lady friend, we found some pages he had written talking about the significance of some of his belongings.  One in particular was a bowl ~ a simple mixing bowl ~ that had belonged to his mother and had sentimental value if not value as an antique.  Unfortunately, the bowl had been one of many that had been boxed up and taken to Goodwill before we knew of its value.

     Such is the nature of the small stuff.  Those possessions we cling to because of a memory they give us... but it may not be something that anyone else shares or understands.

     Making the choice to do something now with these 'things' that will always stay in my heart, but don't need to spend any more time boxed up and packed away... I'll still treasure them... but now perhaps someone else will enjoy them as well.

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