Monday, January 30, 2012

Healing soldiers, one dog at a time

     Healing soldiers, one dog at a time, this is an excellent story about an awesome program! So often we think of "service dogs" as being those for the blind or paralyzed. This program provides dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD as well.

     For anyone that is a dog lover, dog mom, dog dad, dog friend... or a dog... you know how our "best friends" can reach us in our deepest, darkest times.

     I would love to be able to foster puppies, but know I would never be able to give them up. What I have been able to do in the past is provide care packages for Military Working Dogs and their handlers. A box shipped to a deployed team with toys, treats, dog shampoo and simple care items that the military doesn't fund.

     Dogs save lives... in battle and in peacetime. In the field and at home. Reach out and hug a dog today...

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