Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A "Mindful" Year...

     I turn fifty this year.  Yep, the big five-O.M.G. and unfortunately it probably won't be on some relaxing beach in Hawaii.

     To celebrate this momentous occasion (because you only turn 50 once, and hush, Mom, I don't need you to tell me AGAIN that it is really the start of my 51st year), I have decided to get my life organized.  Yes, yes, I know... better late than never, and at least I'm trying to get it done before the Discovery Channel shows up with a film crew for one of those hoarder reality shows.

      While I was wading through the piles of 'stuff' in my office (aka The BTR "Bermuda Triangle Room") I found a book I bought [who knows when] titled "The Life Organizer ~ A Woman's Guide to a Mindful Year" by Jennifer Louden.

     Now to clarify... I don't remember when I bought the book, but it was obvious to me even then that I needed help to "focus my needs and navigate my dreams."  For whatever reasons, I apparently started on the suggested questions at a time when my mind was too full to focus on it, which is why I found it years (!?!?!) later in The BTR.  It's not even like I had some kind of deadline either to procrastinate.  It is a 52 week guided journal... and I couldn't even get past week one.

     Obviously I need help.

     Part of the problem I realize is just in the title.  "Mindful."  I already have a mind full of stuff... which is why I'm always losing things, or misplacing things.  I'm reminded of some Twilight Zone episodes and a movie about the guys that keep things rolling along in time...

     ... oh look, a chicken...

     Now, do you see my dilemma?


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