Monday, January 30, 2012

Passing the time...

     I'm rambling for a few minutes waiting for the maps to update on my Garmin nuvi ~ aka the Cranky British Spinster.  I have pictures to upload from my other device to facebook, but can't use the same cord to hook it into the computer.

     I haven't updated the maps on my GPS since 2009.  Not that it has made a huge difference because I'm sure that Killeen hasn't made a lot of changes, but it is still nice to know all the latest and greatest.  It brings me back to a time BGPS... before GPS when men were forced by the nagging of their wife to stop and ask directions at a local gas station.  I can picture it now.  The guy walks in to the small local store, map in hand and says "my wife insisted that we stop to ask directions because SHE can't find the directions on the map."

     Yeah, right.

     It makes me think of a country song about collard greens and sweet tea and finding love in unexpected places because chance... not GPS brought you together.  Sometimes just hitting the road with no destination in mind is the best way to have the most adventures.  And even if it doesn't turn into an adventure worth remembering... it will be a journey you will never forget.

     Life can be like that sometimes.  We think we have the directions for where we want to go, know all the rest stops along the way, best restaurants, cleanest way stations  The boring life.  The "safe" life.  No surprises.  Everything planned out.  Scheduled.  Time allotted for every historic sign.  But life sometimes forces us into detours that turn out to be better than anything we could have planned.

     Once upon a time I thought I knew where my life would take me.  I had plans.  That white house, picket fence, 2.5 kids, 6.5 dogs (or was it the other way around?)  Husband making big money so I could be a stay at home mom and just do the school PTA functions and all those other mindless things that eventually lead to affairs with the pool boy and an addiction to pain killers.

      Thank God I escaped that.

     My life is far from routine.  Far from the same old grind.  Every day is a new experience.  A new smile, and something new to appreciate about my husband, my dogs, our few friends, and our life together.  Just the fact that he makes the effort to get me a beef stick when he stops to get gas makes me realize that I am loved.  And loved beyond measure.  More than I've every been loved before because I don't think that any of my ex's even knew what love was ...

      And to be honest... I wouldn't trade this life for all the money in the universe because I am loved.  I am appreciated.  And I am me.

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