Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Travels... Death Valley, CA

Stretching on forever...
     Two lifetimes ago, (before Witness Protection) I was a backseat rider with bunch of Harley bikers in California.  Relax... it wasn't anything as exciting as "that" but it was fun getting out with other H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) members.

     We had a candy apple red Electra Glide Classic touring bike, complete with armrests for the backseat rider.  I would frequently get so relaxed on the bike with the steady "potato, potato, potato" humming that I would doze off.  The armrests kept me from falling off the bike, but didn't do much to help keep me awake.

Beauty in Death Valley
     One long weekend in early April, we took a ride from the Antelope Valley, north to Death Valley.  It was before the summer heat really kicked in, but there was still a significant temperature change as we dropped from the mountains into the valley.  We had thick leather coats on in the mountains, but had to stop and pack them as we got lower into the valley.

     I've blogged before about the beauty of the Arizona desert and the stark contrast it was to the California deserts.  I should have made an exception with Death Valley.

     We toured Scotty's Castle then went on to Pahrump, Nevada where we stayed the night before heading back home to take a brief ride through the poppy fields.

     I had visions of the Tin Man and the Scarecrow trying to wake me as the perfume of the flowers, the wind against my face, the relaxing vibration of the Harley, and that soft "potato, potato, potato" carried me off to sleep again.

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  1. Another great read............:o) Back in 1960 I was in a 1956 Chev driving across the USA on many roads, especially Route 66 to San Diego. Across AZ to Yuma, and my mouth dropped open, my word I had never seen, in person, such big sand dunes and they went on for miles. I am proud to be an American and come from such a beautiful country, to have the freedom we have here, may we all do our part keep that freedom free. Voting in November is very important this year for all American!! Love ya, Mom


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