Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Travels... Nice, France

     I visited Nice (pronounced like niece), France as a child.  Mom's high school pen pal lived there with her family, so when Dad got stationed in Germany, it was a wonderful opportunity for them to finally meet.  Genevieve and Yvon were wonderful hosts, as were their children, Sylvia and Damien.

     While the beauty of France was appreciated more by the adults, there are a few things that have remained stuck in my mind in the 40ish years since we visited... and since they are the memories of a child, you can go ahead and laugh at them.

     1.  When driving on narrow mountain roads, try to sit on the inside seat.  Better yet, just close your eyes and imagine you are on a Disney ride.  By doing this, I could have avoided weeks of nightmares from memories of the car racing along at an outrageous speed to the very edge of a mountain road with no guardrails.

     2.  Seafood is relatively healthy and good for you.  The fresh steamed mussels I turned my nose up at Christmas when I was 9 years old were probably not as bad as they looked... and by waiting 35 years to try new foods I missed out on a lot opportunities to excite my taste buds and find new favorite foods.  If I really couldn't stand the look of it, I should have closed my eyes to try it, but at least I could have tried it.  I might be pleasantly surprised... like I was when I tried escargot... and that looked a lot worse than the mussels did.

    3.  Never dance in front of a camera.  Ever.  You may not think that it will ever return to haunt you, but it will.  One day someone will send you a DVD of their Super 8 movie reels that they had transferred and you will be mortified when you watch it with your husband who was unaware of your past life as a child table dancer.  It doesn't matter that you were eight years old.  Some things are just better not seen again.  Trust me.

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