Friday, February 10, 2012

Five on Friday...

     I'm working on attracting double positives into my life and thought that one way to stay focused on it would be to list on Fridays, at least five positive things that happened to me during the week.

     Monday ... was my day off, and my husband and a friend of his managed to turn the back yard back into a ready-for-spring-flowers yard. I hung my freshly cleaned and filled hummingbird feeders, and marveled at the white rose buds getting ready to bloom ... in obvious denial of the still chilly weather.  An old playhouse that was too dangerous for kids to play [rotting wood, exposed nails, wasp nests] in was turned into a shed for garden tools in another corner of the yard.  Some free pavers were turned into a beautiful fire pit, and used to surround the roses to protect them from the lawn mower and weed eater.  It looks fantastic and they did an AWESOME job!

     Tuesday ... my 2nd biopsy was not as stressful as I had anticipated, and my BP was a comfortable 174/82!  Not thinking about it and relaxing over the weekend must have really worked!

     Wednesday ... I found out that my dentist had a credit balance on my account due to some overpayments on my part last year that the insurance decided to finally pay on. Woot Woot!  AND I found a nickel... I know, big deal, huh?  But it is the second heads up nickel I've found in as many weeks and I'm beginning to believe that for me, heads up nickels are good luck!  Five times the luck a heads up penny might have!

     Thursday ... could have been a bad day since I attended a canon salute for a co-worker's husband who died in Afghanistan last week ... but through all of our tears, there was a feeling of comfort and love.  Life in the military can be difficult on families and friends ... always living in fear of something like this ... but if it does happen, you find out just how big and extended your family really is.  The value of life... and love... in times of loss becomes more precious as we are reminded just how swiftly it can end.

     Friday ...  I gave my resignatation notice today, and while I have absofreakinlutely no idea what doors or windows will open in the next two and a half months until my "official" last day (or even if they will come up with some excuse to let me go before then), I know in my heart of hearts and deep in my soul that my decision this morning was the right thing for me and my family.  

     I am claiming for myself and my family a life of joy, laughter, serenity, and a job that I cannot wait to get to in the mornings, that leaves me feeling fulfilled, like a contributing part of the work, and an employee who is appreciated.  That may mean a job self employed, but whatever the means, however the Universe chooses to answer my request or grant my claim... I know I have made the right decision.  


  1. Like we said....can we borrow your balls or at least one of them!

  2. Will be more than happy to send you these... or something similar.

  3. Leaving your job sounds to be not only the right decision but well overdue. I hope your new doors open promptly.
    Have a great weekend.