Friday, February 10, 2012

Funeral songs ~ Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade meme

     Way down under in Edenland, the Fresh Horses Brigade is asking for our favorite funeral song.  Now to be honest, I've never considered any songs I'd like to have sung at my funeral... maybe because I never expected to live this long and so never put that much thought into dying.

     My father's favorite song was Amazing Grace, and he was born the same day as Elvis.  He died in March 2007 and we sang it at his service, not a dry eye in the church.  Even now whenever I hear it, I think of him.

     When his baby sister died unexpectedly a little over a year later, they sang her favorite song at the memorial service.  It was a song that she always sang to her four kids whenever they started to fight (like most siblings do).  I burst into tears when we sang that song because I had a vision of my father and her walking hand in hand along a beautiful tree lined dirt road, and was grateful that Dad had been there to welcome her.

      When my Uncle Ron died [my Dad's twin brother] just last fall in 2011, his youngest son, Tim, his new wife Heather,  oldest son Evan, and Leia, step-daughter sang a beautiful rendition of "I'll Fly Away" at his service.  It was just incredible to hear them harmonizing and something I will play over and over again.  It sounded much like Alison Krauss's version here.

     I suppose if I must think of a song... or rather music... I would probably go with one of the most beautiful compositions I've ever heard.  The eighteenth variation of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini as done by John Barry for the movie Somewhere in Time.  A movie, and music, that makes me believe that there is always the hope for more...


  1. those are all beautiful, Cindi!! and how special for your Uncles' family to sing for him.

  2. All wonderful expressions of love.

    Ravel's Bolero was played at my mother's funeral. She loved it, and it was the first CD she ever bought.

    I have no idea what I would like played at mine and still less idea what others would choose for me. I will have to give it some thought.

  3. I love that Alison Krause song, and wish I could sing harmonies

  4. Cindi thank you so much for doing this! And wow, I love your choices. A few there I haven't heard of before! This whole thing is kind of blowing my mind, going around to everybody and seeing what they chose.

  5. What beautiful songs. I love 'I'll Fly Away'. And the music from Somewhere in Time is lovely.