Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday (yawn...)

     It is a holiday Monday and I should be sleeping late but have been tossing and turning most of the night.  My fibromyalgia pain of late has been keeping me awake (too much stress in my life), and the meds I have tried to help me sleep do work... for that... but then put me in an absolute rage-funk the next day so that the trade off isn't worth it.

     My left shoulder, hip and thigh ache constantly, and cramp like a deep bone cramp when I lie on that side, or am still for too long.  I spent the weekend wandering from the chair in the BTR where I was cleaning (and organizing) to standing in the kitchen, lying on the bed on the phone, sitting in front of the computer, standing outside with the dogs... never one place too long so that my muscles and nerves wouldn't get too complacent.  I don't have that luxury at work, and so often when I stand after sitting at my desk for too long, I am stiff and slow to move.

     Sleeping on my back is sometimes comfortable longer, but I'm prone to weird dreams, nightmares, and talking in my sleep when I do.  Last night I dreamed I was with a group of medical scientists breaking into a prison by way of old water way tunnels to find the source of a mutant disease that was turning people into blue jello like zombies.  A few nights before I was talking in my sleep ~ at a wedding reading a letter from the happy couple's granny to them and she was asking them to pray for Michael Douglas' body.

     When I woke up, David wanted to know who Michael was and why was I talking about him in my sleep.  It took me a few minutes to remember.  I don't think he was a zombie, but I'm not sure about the newlyweds.  Do zombies know how to read?

     Told you they were weird.

     I don't often complain about the pain.  I'm stubborn that way.  The pain is a reminder that I can still feel.  I'm still alive.  I'm not a zombie.



  1. That would make a helluva movie!!


    1. Oh, you have no idea how Stephen King-ish my nightmares can be. I had one back in 1987 that was so creepy that I still remember it like yesterday. I forgot to include that whatever I was dreaming about Michael Douglas the few nights before, the newlyweds got a honeymoon from someone to Uruguay as a wedding gift and so I was telling them they might want to bring weapons with them when I was talking in my sleep. So not only did David want to know who Michael was, but whether or not he needed to worry that I was going to off him! I'm not sure why I suggested weapons because it seems like it would be a pretty decent place to live... economically and politically speaking it seems like it would be better than the US right now!