Tuesday, February 21, 2012


     .... or why won't my brain shut down?

     I was in bed just before 8:30p last night.  The car died yesterday afternoon and rode off on the back of a tow truck to the repair shop, so my ride to work this morning (who will arrive in just 5 hours) is earlier than my norm.  It was a stress-full day and I was mentally exhausted.

     Or so I thought.

Henry:  "Oh... you wanted some of the covers too?"
     I've tossed and turned (pain), scrunched over to make room for the dog (don't judge), and finally had a cold nose shoved in my arm pit when said dog needed to go out.  While waiting for him to take care of business... I sort of pushed the blinky button on this box here to my right...

     ... and wouldn't you know it, but Pinterest was awake too!  I noticed that some other Pinners liked my fav books and thought... hmmmm... wouldn't this be a great way to get some free addy for MY books?  So of course, I had to Pin It to them, then look and see what else had been Pinned while I was away... and now I'm semi-awake.

     ... oh, and now the stomach grumbles that it is awake too, and don't the burgers that the hubby cooked still smell yummy in the air?

     The brain doesn't like competition for attention so I shall shut the stomach up which should take all the blood from the brain to digest the potato salad I'm going to feed it instead of the burger...

     ... yes, Mom, white carbs are bad ... but they will put me back to sleep.

     Oh, and now the dog is nagging me to come back to bed... maybe if I run, I can beat him to most of the covers...


  1. I do not like your chances of claiming the covers if the dog/cat has decided that they are interested. Even if I get to bed first, somehow.....

    1. I did not stand a chance... even running. The pic just shows the tail of the big dog who can turn 73# of weight into 773# when he is asleep. He is the covers hog mostly just because he holds them down. I've learned to make the bed with more covers on my side just to get a fighting chance at any of them.


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