Saturday, February 4, 2012

Save a horse... ride a....

Edenland Fresh Horses Brigade
     I stumbled upon another blog (which always makes my day) when I read Toni's ChickChat blog.  She's in Australia ~ someplace I haven't been yet, but would love to visit.  Actually anywhere other than Texas would have to be better.  I've always loved Toni's honesty too.  I have a feeling that if I ever were to visit Australia, she and I would have one hell of a good time chatting.  We might even be dangerous together.

     Today she was blogging on a new site called Edenland and her Fresh Horses Brigade.  For some reason,  the thought of horses always makes me think of that country song, Save a Horse... Ride a Cowboy.  It puts a smile on my face.  I haven't ridden many horses, and probably have never ridden a cowboy that I'm aware of.... but I ramble.

     First off... I always thought that a meme was a nickname for someones granny.  It never occurred to me to Bing, Google or Wiki it.  So I've already learned something new today, which is not a bad thing.

     I'd also been wanting to figure out a way to make this blogging thing earn some money.  Yeah, the book sales are going slowly, but the bills just seem to be coming faster than they sell.  And I'm blogging more than I'm spending time writing another book, tho I have spent some time writing some songs with my husband which (to be honest) sound pretty damn good.

     I've looked at blogs that offer e-courses and e-books and think to myself... that chick has really got some e-balls to put her stuff out there like that and expect people to pay for it.  But then I think, why the hell not?  And why the hell can't I do that?  (And sorry Mum for cussing in my blog, I know you don't like it when I do, but I've had a heck of a lot of coffee today and I'm just fired up for something to change and happen in my life).

     A while back Jamie Ridler, another blog I follow and participate in, tossed out a Hands-up How-To post for people to participate in, and yeah, I threw something in the mix.  It was fun, and great to feel like I was 'teaching' again since I've really missed that side of my life since I stopped teaching at University.

     So this post today will get added to Edenland's list to show off my handwriting, but I'm also going to toss out a request to the Universe for ideas and suggestions.  What would you pay, say $10 a month for, that you think I could teach you, or share with you, or help you to create, learn, grow from.  If I was to set up a whole new blog site that was an elite "members only" club (like the Brave Girls or any of the other gazillion sites out there in the Internet galaxy now)... what do you think I should offer?  Because really... I need some honest ideas.  I'm not looking for charity.  I'm not wanting to be like that silly girl who maxed out her credit cards then created a web site asking everyone to send her $1 to pay off her bills.  I want to give... not just get.  I want to be part of a solution... not part of someones excuse to live off the welfare of others.  Because I'm like the rest of the lower middle upper class society out there and just struggling to survive... to buy groceries... to keep the lights on.  I don't drive a $80K car, or live in a $2.5M house.  I'm not a football player whining about his $6.2M salary because he feels like he's underpaid, and I'm not some political person kicking back and feeding the public a lot of BS and false promises just to get money even if he doesn't get elected.

     I'm just one person trying to support my family on one income.  I don't do fancy or name brands. I buy my stuff on sale, on clearance, or at the dollar store and I would just like, for once, to feel like I'm not drowning in bills.  But I don't want charity and I don't want to live off the system.

     I feel ~ I know ~ I have something to share ~ something to offer ~ something to give.

     What can I give you?


  1. Well, you've already given me a real boost! thank you SO MUCH for the kind words -- and yeah I hope we do get to meet one day!
    I'll have a think about the whole class thing. I paid for lessons in how to pretty my blog up, a couple of years ago, and they were invaluable! (stuff like adding your own background, header etc, how to add gadgets, how to add a personal siggie, etc)
    Brain is not firing well yet, still waking up.

  2. No bright ideas here either. I will give it some thought and if anything leaps to mind will get back to you. Something that people may be prepared to pay to learn: Could you give classes on how to get published?

    1. See the blog I just posted sharing all my secrets ... my reply to you was becoming another War and Peace novel...

  3. Cindi, your dad paying up the Readers Digest description made me tear up. That is beautiful. Good luck on your e-classes, and thank you so much for linking up.


    1. yes, the first year it arrived I really lost it.

  4. Wow, what a lovely idea, that's so sweet of him.

    Your handwriting is gorgeous. So bold, yet pretty.

    Hmmm, what can you do? I like the idea of learning about the discipline needed to write novels. How do you do it?! But I don't like commitment so I wouldn't really like to have to pay an amount every month, I'd prefer a one-off fee for say, an e-book. I'm not really much help!

    Also, I was going to look for your books on Amazon but the link isn't working.

    1. Kate, I'm not sure if the search link went to the USA or the AU which is why it might not have worked for you. They have so many new sites now for each country. I know UK, DE, IT, but not sure if you have to type them in your address line or not. Either way, I put the titles there now so you can search on whatever works for you.

    2. Oh... duh... discipline for writing... difficult at times. The NaNoWriMo event held every November sets a pace for writing 1,500 words a day to finish a 50,000 page novel. I tend to write in spurts depending on when the 'muse' takes possession of my fingers. I can write for six hours straight on the weekends if I have a direction in mind and then when I read it all when I finally stop, it has gone in a completely different direction than what I thought I was going to do. It has been hard to find time to write now that I've remarried. Juggling the day job with the wife job and the dog mom job doesn't leave much time for the writing job. But I squeeze it in wherever I can.