Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Selections...

     I found another blog to follow... this is becoming almost as addictive as facebook.  Frogspondsrock (which I'm not sure yet if that is the name of the island off of Australia she lives on or if she just thinks that frog ponds rock ~ which, by the way, I think they do because I love to sit at night at the ponds my husband fishes at and listen to the frogs ~ but again... I babble).

     She has started a meme (my new word of the month which also rocks) of photographs that she calls Sunday Selections that I've decided to participate in... although Sunday in Australia is still Saturday in Texas at this time of night, so maybe mine will be SatSunday Selections.

     Maybe Mom was right that I might have A.D.D.  I can't seem to ever write in a straight line of thought anyway.

     I write more than I post photographs on my blog, but like to take pictures almost as much as I like to ramble so I have a gazillion photos or so that seldom get seen by anyone other than me.  This is a good opportunity for me to share some of them (if I can just shut up that is...).

     These were all pictures taken in my back yard, which in spite of the drought in Texas this summer I managed to keep them alive.
Morning Glory vines on the pergola

Wild Morning Glory on the shared fence between neighbors

Another of my Morning Glory vines, just a different color

Moon Flower vine ~ I love how these smell, and they only bloom at night


  1. Oh. How lovely. I am an obsessive gardener myself so I know how difficult it is to keep things alive in drought conditions. Is the climber one of the datura family, which we call morning glory?
    Thank you for these, and welcome to Sunday Selections.

    1. Yes, they are Morning Glory vines. I had them growing on the three ends of my pergola, and the two that got the least amount of heat/sun this summer just became massive but the third struggled. The white Moon Flowers grew on the same ends so I could have flowers in the day time and at night.

  2. Hi Cindy from Texas. I just think that frog ponds Rock lol. I live in Tasmania which is the smallest state of Australia and is also an island.

    Thank you for joining in with my meme and sharing your lovely photos. I ADORE roses, the smellier the better. You will find that blogging is very addictive but it is also a wonderful community, you might like to read my daughter Veronica's blog as well. Veronica is a writer and she tells stories on her blog.
    cheers Kim :-)

    1. Blogging is VERY addictive, but considering the alternatives, it is probably the safest addiction I could have! I can't wait to read your daughter's blog! I loved our roses and always tried to catch them in the early morning before the heat and wind beat them down. I have five different colors, my yellow (Yellow Rose of Texas) in the front yard, then in the back I have white, red, peach and pink. I just love the colors in this dry, brown landscape!

  3. Oh, they're beautiful!! now I would call that vine Morning Glory. My nana had it growing ALL OVER a shed and it was just stunning but tended to be a bit of a nuisance in her area.
    So glad you've joined in the meme fun, too, Cindi. It's a nice way to find other interesting blogs to read and hopefully make some new friends!
    (I totally get the rambling, it reminds me of this:
    Ask me about my ADD or pie or my cat. a dog. i have a bike. do you like tv? i saw a rock. hi.

    1. LOL - did you see my blog from January 17 titled Mindful Year? Oh look! A chicken!

    2. heh heh yes that really made me laugh!!

  4. Loved your post and those flowers are so beautiful.
    Sam (Learn. Create. Do.)

  5. Hi, I'm River, also from Australia, find me at
    The island Kim lives on is Tasmania, just below Victoria down in the south east of Australia.
    I love your moon flower vine!
    @Elephant's Child, I don't think morning glory and datura are the same. Datura flowers are much larger and more of a trumpet shape than the little morming glory flowers.

  6. Gorgeous roses! Lovely photos too.
    I always assumed Kim just thinks frog ponds rock, and now I know that she does. Never thought of asking her. But I'm glad that's cleared up ;-)

  7. Your photos took my breath away. I miss the garden I had back home in MI. Someday I'll have another. Until then, I'll have to live vicariously through the gardens of others. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. I just love that peach rose, beautiful!