Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday Selections

It’s Sunday again. Time for the Sunday Selections, hosted by Kim from Frogpondsrock.  
I thought it was the name of the island she lives on... but it's not.  She just believes that frog ponds rock... and they do. 

She created this fun meme (and I still LOVE that word) for those photos hidden away on your computer that you've never shared, or haven't shared in a long time.  So dig them out, dust them off, and link up!

"Travelling is almost like talking to those of other centuries."
~ Rene Descartes ~
* 1596-1650 *

Rhine River Christmas Cruise 2007 ~ from Koln (Cologne), Germany to Basel, Switzerland
Me!  I was pretty excited to be there!

The Lindt Chocolate Museum in Koln.  
The tree is a "liquid" chocolate tree.
nom nom nom nom nom they also had a store!

Kolner Dam (Cologne Cathedral)
The beginning of my architectural addiction.
And more drugs for my history addiction....
These are pieces of the Berlin Wall.
I'm blown away by the fact that there are/will be generations after mine,
that don't know what the wall stood for...
or what it fell for...
and that ... is a good thing.
In the town of Koblenz... incredible detail on a building... close up below

All carved by hand....

Unique and modern wall detail on a building that was probably built in the 12th century...

This is a clock with the face of a man who was arrested in the 1600's for not paying his taxes.
At his sentencing, he stuck his tongue out at the town council.
Now, he sticks his tongue out every hour, and as the seconds tick off, his eyes shift left and right.

Detail on a gate at the Heidelberg Castle.

Detail on the outside of the Strasbourg Cathedral in Strasbourg, France.
I was fascinated by the minute detail, carved by hand, it was so beautiful


  1. Oh. Oh. Ooooh. Wow. Thank you so much. As I went through I found new favourites at every photo I viewed. I love the details on the Cathedral and am so amazed at the beauty people created by hand. Can you think of a modern building which is as beautiful as any of these, or will last as long?

    1. I don't know if Australia is as much of a "throw-away" culture as Americans are, but I know that there aren't any buildings here in the US that are as old, or as beautifully hand crafted. We tend to be a society that bulldozes and rebuilds rather than restoring. We are a very young country compared to Europe... but look what we did to those who were here before us... we stole their lands, burnt their villages, desecrated their burial grounds, and locked them away on reservations "for their own good." I love the history of old buildings ... and wish walls could talk.

  2. That clock is so funny. I'm always amazed to see what people could build centuries ago. Have to visit Koln some day ;-)


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