Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conspiracy theories...

     We've been having issues at work the past several months with the government not paying the vendors on time.  "They" say it is because of a software interface issue between this program and that program.

     I say *cough*cough* BULLsheet!

     Software program A was introduced shortly before I got to Texas, about eighteen months ago.  It is an accounting type of software designed for those in budgeting to create and fund purchase requests.  It replaced an older outdated program that wasn't as flexible.  Software program B was in place all along and is the one used by the government money people to get the purchase requests and awards and actually pay them when the invoices come along.

     Sounds simple, right?


     As with any government entity, nothing is ever as easy as it seems, or transparent without a lot of glaring red tape to wade through.  A system that was working fine for a little over a year suddenly started having problems about the same time the government wasn't able to balance its budget and rumors spread about a government shutdown, furloughed jobs, and finding ways to cut costs.  Oh... and did I mention it was about the same time that the 2013 election campaigns really got kicked off?

     Suddenly, we can balance our budget, everyone gets to keep their jobs, and the current administration (who will be running against the Republicans in the 2013 elections) appears to have their sheet together, their act in order, ducks in a row.
He who talks with a forked tongue...

     Never mind the independent small businesses that haven't been paid since October, who are now having to file bankruptcy or lose other government contracts because they don't have the overhead to bid.  Never mind the little man who has to lay off employees just to keep his business alive.

     Never mind the double talk that it is a software problem and out of the government's hands.  Never mind that the "economy" which was such a key election campaign promise four years ago is on a fast backwards slide that is being hidden by all these wonderful appearances of getting the budget balanced.

     Never mind the people who are jobless, homeless, hungry, or forced to take a job at a 50% pay cut just to have some kind (any kind) of income to support their families.

The Great and Powerful Oz
      "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." ~ Wizard of Oz

     With elections just around the corner, someone in the government might want to consider who they are really working for.  Not the big money backers who sit down to $2500 a plate fundraiser dinners, not the big business supporters who donate $1 under the maximum legally allowed to stay under the radar but still get their message across to the candidate.  Not the public figures (actors/musicians/artists) who smile, wave, and say "Vote for this guy just because I'm going to."

      The government works for me.  For you.  For us.  For the small business man (you know, the one they aren't paying).  The little guy.  Mom 'n Pop.  And quite honestly, right now, I'm ready to fill in the blank with "None of the Above" because I'm not seeing or hearing anything that makes me feel confident in the direction this government or economy is heading.

     Where's my Mayan calendar?  That's sounding better and better every day.

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  1. My father said 'It doesn't matter who you vote for you will get a politician'. And I understand that quote so much better than I did.