Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dis trust...

     There is absolutely nothing... NOTHING... that can make me angrier and more disappointed in people than having "friends" over to the house for dinner, music, beer or just to chat and then the next day or so realizing that something in the house has gone missing.

     It is just so discouraging, and as much as I try to believe that there is good in people... things like this just make me want to become a hermit on an island with no friends other than my husband and dogs... and no visitors except for the mail boat bringing the latest from the mainland or parts beyond.

     Last week we had neighbors and friends in the area over a few days in a row.  After an unexpected arrival the last time, I realized that a $20 bill I had discretely folded and tucked under a candle plate to put in my wallet later was missing.  No one knew it was there except me because I hadn't any pockets when David gave it to me, and my purse was in another room.  I was heading out the back door to take the dogs out, and when I came back in I forgot about it.  Now someone else has it.

     This morning I went to get the GPS unit to punch in the address of an appointment in Temple later this week... normally it is kept in a zippered case next to the larger red zippered case that holds all the plugs, USB cord, and window mount... and both are in a basket by the front door, discretely tucked on a lower shelf.  Easy to grab, hard to lose, and unlikely to be left in the car.  Since we don't/can't use the GPS without the plug in the car, they don't ever travel separately.

     Until now anyway.

     It seems that the GPS grew feet and traveled out of the house, away from the car, and is nowhere to be found.  David and I have turned the house, garage, and car upside down, inside out, and sideways looking for it, but no luck.

     And that makes me angry.

     I can't afford to get another GPS unit right now, and I desperately need one with my plans to return to to the southeast in the very near future.

     What makes me angriest though is the feeling that I can't trust... anyone.  I know that Fox Mulder's mantra was "Trust no one." but I still held out some small spark of faith.  Now, I feel as if I must be extra diligent to hide, secure, lock, guard, bar... protect.

     I miss the days when I was a child and I could bicycle the streets of my neighborhood in the dead of night, leaving the garage door open, house unlocked.  Enjoying the night sounds of frogs and cicadas... the smell of the Gulf of Mexico in the air... the occasional bird call.  For all of the lack of "security" in those times... I felt so much more secure...


  1. OH that is so disheartening!! I hope you get back what you've lost ten-fold. x

  2. I am so sorry. Yes, I know the hurt. When I was growing up there were only two keys which serviced the block. Every second house had the same key. No-one locked their houses anyway.
    Loosing things to invited guests would leave a vile taste in the mouth.