Tuesday, March 6, 2012


     Fever racks my body today... I go from shivering with chills to sweating like a spent race horse in a matter of minutes.  A virus I hope will pass quickly since I haven't much leave time from work

     Thoughts race through my mind.  Nightmares invade my restless attempts to sleep.  I dream of ice cold pools surrounded by snow... my mind's attempt to wake me and tell me what I need to do... but the body refuses to consider sliding into a tub filled with cold water.  Thank God it isn't Bieber fever.

      I pace the floor of the garage, barefooted, letting the cold from last night cause me to shiver uncontrollably before climbing back into bed and under the down comforter.  The muscles in my legs cramp and ache.  The dogs sense something is wrong and Henry snuggles up to me trying to warm me, blowing sugar boogers on me when he sneezes.  Trooper's weight presses against my legs, trying to keep them from shaking under the covers.

     I'm exhausted... but wide awake.  I want to sleep this away... but too much is on my mind.  Things I need to do... decisions to make... I want to erase the past two years, but know that these things that have happened... continue to make me who I am... to grow me.

     I want to wake up and find I've just been asleep...

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  1. Sending good wishes across the ocean to ease your fever and to help you find a path to somewhere safe where you can grow in comfort.


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