Friday, March 16, 2012

Five on Friday... Grateful for Peace

     It has been another difficult week so I am struggling to find the positives... I really need for my lucky leprechaun to come a day early.  I'm also linking up with Maxabella loves 52 Weeks of Grateful today and finding Peace in all the chaos.  One of the amazing things that happens when I start writing this post is that what often seems dark and dismal on Monday has turned around to be answered prayers, miracles, and signs of angels working in my life by Friday.  I wish they wouldn't always keep me in suspense ...
Illustration courtesy of Sky & Telescope

Monday... in astronomy news tonight... the planets were aligned!  The weekend rains cleared up long enough for a beautiful night sky to see Jupiter and Venus lined up in a row and a distant Mercury slipping below the horizon this evening.  Feel like this is a good sign for us and all that is ahead.  There was an amazing peacefulness in the air as David and I stood to watch the night sky.  None of the neighbors had their back lights on (rare!) and the sky stood out with all of its sparkle and glitter.

Tuesday... the dogs have not been happy about sleeping in the hall on their pallet at night... but I sure am.  Another night of deep ~ although dreamless ~ sleep.  I'm sure the dreams will come.  I've had more thoughts tonight about self-employment options when we move and I'm getting excited about the possibilities.  I love my dogs.  Really.  But getting a peaceful night's sleep without a pug snoring in my ear or a 73# dog hogging the covers... heaven, simply heaven.

Wednesday...     The closer I get to leaving this job, and Texas, the more I know this is the right choice for me.  I know things will be difficult when I get back to Florida, but there is a peace that I find at the beach, near the water, that I've not found here.  I miss that.  I need that.

Is there such a thing as a left-handed thank you?
Thursday... the possibility of getting a 2nd vehicle this week seems to be diminishing, but I refuse to give up hope and have been praying and manifesting positive thoughts for it to happen regardless.  I've arranged for a ride to/from work for a few weeks ("just in case") at least until I can secure a down payment.  I'm grateful for the few friends I have made at work.  Everyone at work this afternoon is all abuzz with the hiring suspense being extended to the end of the fiscal year (30 Sep 12), and talk of a reduction in forces for overhire positions.  The Director thanked me for planning on leaving in May.  It seems that I'm leaving at a good time since it is possible I would have been furloughed later in the year since my position was an overhire slot.  At least now, my thoughts for starting my own business(es) will be easier accomplished before summer really hits in Florida.  That peace of knowing this is the right decision is stronger.

Friday...  this week I've had a few Facebook moments with my step-daughter that make me so grateful for overcoming my fear of step-kids and being willing to take the plunge again.  My first experience with a step-kid was not a pleasant one, but getting to know Thomas, Tyler and Breanna has changed my life for the positive.  The three of them are incredibly talented and smart, not to mention well-mannered for their ages.  I've been blessed by them being in my life as much as I've been blessed by their father.  Yesterday a visit to my doctor who made me promise I would see the GYN specialist about my cancer next week rather than waiting until who-knows-when-if-at-all in Florida.  Her rationale made sense... knowing what my options were, what the prognosis and expected survival rate were... would make it easier for me to make an informed decision about whether or not I wanted the surgery and treatment.  I was at peace with my decision to NOT seek treatment, but know that knowledge is power, and Mom will be at peace knowing what my options are also.  I don't want her to have to think about burying a child...

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  1. wishing you all the peace you need, and more! x