Friday, March 9, 2012

Five on Friday... Platitude Gratitude

     It is amazing the difference a week can make... I am linking up with * Maxabella loves....: this morning.  Wikipedia defines Platitude as being a trite or meaningless statement often presented as if it were significant and original.  Yet, even so we often cling to them as if they were lifelines to keep us from sinking any farther into the pit we are trying to pull ourselves out of.

Monday ~ "Money doesn't grow on trees." ... unexpected money in the bank = a full and happy gas tank.  Today's Note from the Universe said in the postscript "Don't let appearances keep you from seeing the obvious:  your nature is joy, you were built for success, and money, honey, grows on trees."  Could it be that easy?

Tuesday ~ "Be it ever so humble there's no place like home." ... out sick from work today with a fever, but on a whim called the mortgage company for my house in Florida to see if I could rent it.  It has been sitting empty since I left 18 months ago and they've not started foreclosure, and now it is under a 3rd party independent review for fraudulent mortgage practices.  No... can't rent or buy it back... but you can move back in if you want.  Really?  Sure, sending you a key today.  We'd rather it be occupied than empty.  This feels like winning the lottery.  Thank You, God, Ministry of Angels, Guardian Angel, Archangels, Miracle Workers, praying friends and family.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Wednesday ~ "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." ... David grilled burgers, ribs and did a crayfish boil with sausage, red potatoes and corn for dinner tonight with two neighbors (4 adults, 2 kids, and baby).  I made homemade coleslaw and potato salad.  Oink.Oink.Oink.Oink.  We could have fed a small army.  New neighbor brought over a homemade pie that tastes like a Reeses's Peanut Butter Cup.  I.MUST.GET.RECIPE.  Makes me think of last week's angel that put three RPBC's in my coat pocket.

Thursday ~ "A (wo)man's home is (her)his castle." ... I'm still stuffed from last night when I get to work this morning.  Grateful for having food to eat.  Odd dreams last night... first lucid ones in a long time... although not sure if dreaming I'm royalty living in a castle in Scotland means I'm lucid or just ate too much for dinner last night.  Looking at my dream a little deeper, I realize that it is confirmation that "Home is where the Heart is." ... And where I belong.

Friday ~ "It's raining cats and dogs." ... Rain, thunder and lightning this morning.  Trooper is terrified of it, but I enjoy walking (singing and dancing too) in the rain.  It makes me feel refreshed, like the world is getting a shower.  Texas needs the rain... still... to recover from the drought last year.  I know I won't be in the house much longer, so last week took all of my morning glory and moon flower seeds and scattered them along the back chainlink fence.  Hopefully with the lighter rain yesterday, they settled into the ground and will sprout and not get washed away with today's downpour.  I also scattered the okra seeds I had gathered, so I'm sure the next tenants will wonder WTH when they begin grow.  I feel as if there is finally  "A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." 


  1. So does that mean you're heading back this way? That's great news! We must meet!

    P.S. Love the cartoon above. *giggle*

  2. What a great post. Very creative! Could definitely relate the raining cats and dogs last week too, actually I think it was raining elephants!

  3. A lot to be grateful for. I really, really hope it continues.

  4. Once again, you've wrapped up the gratefuls in such a clever way, Cindi. Thursday is my favourite this week - home really is where the heart is. x