Friday, March 2, 2012

Five on Friday... Signs of Angels

     It was a struggle this week to find my high fives until I read the memes on Edenland and * Maxabella loves....  Once again, I have a focus to pull the week together into one sweet package that will work for both blogs... and my own.

     Perspective.  It's all in the perspective.  And some rose-colored glasses...

Monday... last Friday's news about the results of my 2nd biopsy weighed on me all weekend, so Monday I did some research.  My diagnosis, while discouraging and worrisome, is early enough to be treatable.
     My husband and I have been married for just over a year (Nov 2010).  I truly love having this remarkable man in my life to lean on during days like these.  I'm trying to act all brave but am really a terrified little girl inside.
     I've been praying a lot since Friday, talking to my Guardian Angel, the Ministry of Angels, and the Archangels.  In spite of my fear, I have a sense of sureness that everything will turn out okay, and I think that it is all the Angels that I've been calling to me.  I've always believed that when I hear wind or bell chimes that there are angels ringing them.  Especially the clang an old copper bell that used to hang by my father's front door. It is the heaviest of all the chimes and bells in my yard, but the one that always sounds even when there is no breeze.  It has been ringing a lot this evening. 

Tuesday...  a day off from work to deal with some other appointments, I let the stress of the weekend build to an uncomfortable level for much of the day.  But an anticipated bill for almost $600 turned out to be just $5 which was adjusted off the account, and two others turned out to be already paid off.
     This man I married, has the patience of Job when my frustration surfaces at the events in our lives.  He holds me when it all boils over into tears, and reminds me how much I love him, and how much I love being in his arms.  
     That $600 bill I was so worried about... apparently "someone" paid it off.  They said it was me, but I can't remember doing it, and know that I didn't have the funds.  Otherwise, why would I have been so worried about it for so long?  I secretly think that it was one of the angels in my life... but not sure how they knew.  I have no other explanation.  As I'm trying to figure out a budget for the next few months that will allow me to catch up on everything and leave Texas relatively solvent... I hear that copper bell ring and step outside to enjoy the setting sun.  There is no breeze, but I see the clapper on the bell gently moving in the wind... as if doing a royal hand wave to me... and I smile.

Wednesday... some laughter and warped humor at work lightened my day, and I had a good conversation with mom.  Watched a comedy with the husband before going to sleep, so it was a very, very good night.  
     He gets my warped sense of humor... and my mom's so he knows where I got it from.  He will shake his head in disbelief at some of the things he overhears us talking about, but he smiles.  He encourages me to talk to her every night, especially when I've not had a good day.  He knows.  He knows that sometimes I need my mom more than I'm willing to admit.   
     I know that the whole Kickstarter thing was designed to find backers for my next book publishing ... but I still feel like they are *secret* angels when someone looks at my very unprofessional video and who doesn't turn to stone, who reads my words and doesn't shrug them off, and who decides to contribute to help me publish my next book.  I feel like they are my angels encouraging me... believing in me... ringing those bells for me.

Thursday...  The first day of a new month and I am claiming this to be the month I get a job offer with relocation to Florida or somewhere in the southeast.  Beautiful spring blossoms on a tree I see every day on the way to work, and the sun was up enough this morning to give me a beautiful, hazy glow in the sky.  I love when I can look the sun in the eye full on without needing to squint, even with sunglasses.
     He worries about me.  I've never had someone try to hard to make sure I'm happy and taken care of... never had someone who puts my needs first... who listens to what I need.  When sometimes all I need is to have someone listen.  
     The breeze tonight had all of the other wind chimes in the front and back yards sounding out their music... except for Dad's bell.  I watched as they all moved in the wind, but that one stayed still.  Until just as I was about to go into the house for the night, I heard it clang in the darkness.  Just five times, then it was silent again.  "Good night.  I love you." ... I miss you too, Dad.  Miss you too.

Friday...  I've not worn this denim jacket since last week, I think.  Yet just moments ago when I put my hand in the left pocket to see what was feeling bulky, I found three mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  Three of them.  From who knows when.  Except I know that if I had put them there... they wouldn't be there now.  I'd have eaten them just moments after sneaking off with them from someones candy stash at work.
     He left everything for me, this man that I married.  Took a chance on true love and found it.  Travelled from all that was familiar to him, farther away from his kids than he'd ever been before... all for love.  All for me.  I've never had anyone do that before... who wanted to be with me so much... and I love him all the more for it.
     My Guardian Angel must love peanut butter cups as much as I do.  Finding these in my pocket this morning is like putting on a jacket from last winter, or swapping out purses for the seasons, and finding a twenty-dollar bill in it.  Winning!  I also believe that my angels visit with the scent of roses since there are times when the perfume of roses is overpowering when there is no explanation for it.  This morning at my desk... there was the smell of roses... and none to be seen and no one near me using anything scented.  It's going to be a good weekend... and an even better month.


  1. A lovely week of highs. And so many positives when you're obviously going through a difficult time. Here's to a great March!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend full of love and magic.

  3. Oh Cindi! I'm a big believer in Angels and I'm so glad yours are working their sparkly magic. It's so nice and comforting to know that you are being watched over. May you always be surrounded by their wonderful blessings xx

  4. Oh what a beautiful post. So gorgeous about the peanut butter cups .. thank you for linking up Cindi!


  5. Some beautiful highs :) Love the peanut butter cups in the pocket!

  6. I love this because despite the trouble in your life, it's the little happy things that pop up here and there that you notice. Maybe that's what guardian angels provide, the small joys that help us get through the hard stuff.

  7. You are the master meme-weaver, Cindi. I'm just glad to hear that you have had so many special moments this week. I'm so glad that it's not all bad news for you right now. I have very high hopes for you! x