Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Love bonds...

      This is an add-on post to the one earlier this morning on 1 Corinthians 13:13.  Because the greatest of all things truly is love...
Love bonds...
     This morning on msnbc.com I read an incredible story about a little boy and his dog (Lucas and Juno: Special bond of a rescue dog and dying boy).

     It was this picture that really struck my heart and almost brought me to tears.

     The boy (Lucas) really loves his dog and you can see that in how he holds and kisses the dog's nose.

     And the dog... Juno... aside from being an incredible angel... loves the boy also.  You can see in how he is allowing the boy to pull his head closer, and how he leans his entire body into receiving Lucas's love.

     Their story... their love story... is a touching one.  So too is the story of how much love Lucas's parents have for him that brought these two together.

     While I've never had a child, I'm quite certain that losing a child is probably the most painful thing a parent ever has to face.  Harder still would be knowing that your child is going to die and that there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

     I can't imagine the pain.

     But instead of giving in to despair, Lucas's parents have become brave soldiers on his behalf, fighting to bring their son what happiness they can, in what time he has.

     I am humbled by all of them.


  1. I grew up with German Shepherds. I learned to walk clutching onto the poor dog's tail. I teethed on its ears (poor dog again). They are incredibly loving.

    I couldn't watch the link - not emotionally strong enough today. Just the same the decision that Lucas's parents have made to give him as much happiness as they can would have to bless their lives as well as that of their son.

    1. The link was actually more about Juno, than Lucas. He was rescued just days away from being put down. It talked about how quickly he learned commands, and intuitively knew when Lucas was in distress, saving his life several times without even being trained to do so. Their bond is unique, and I think that Juno was an angel sent to not only save Lucas, but to save the family as a whole.


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