Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The one about God's sense of humor...

     True confession... when I'm at work and having a rough day for whatever reasons, I sometimes go to the Ladies Room to have a conversation with God.  It's just easier to talk to him quietly there without worrying about one of my co-workers calling security because I'm talking to myself... as much as I love padded rooms and warm jackets to wrap up in... I kind of like not being confined if you know what I mean.

     So today was "one of those days."  I'm stressed about getting to Florida, I'm stressed about the contracts I'm trying to finish up, I'm stressed about this cancer crap, I'm stressed about money... it just seems at times to all blow up at once.  It was just time for a little quiet conversation to get my focus back.

     I chatted for just a few minutes with God, my Guardian Angel, the Archangels, Ministry of Angels, Runners, Helpers... pretty much anyone who would listen... and probably anyone on the other side of the wall in the Mens.  The last thing I asked for before I headed back to my desk was that they would all just help me to find some way to get 'there' [Florida].  I just want to go home, to be with my husband, to put my feet in white sand and Gulf water.

     When I got back to my desk, there was a message on my answering machine.  Sgt Whatsherface with the K Police Dept about the report I filed.

      Report?  I filed?  I don't remember filing a report for anything since my car got hit the day after Christmas and that was a total waste of effort.

     I call her back.  Oh... right... the GPS that was stolen earlier this month...

     You found it?
    Yes, ma'am. It was pawned on the 9th.  Do you happen to know a man by the name of Cxxxxxx Jxxxxxx?
     I believe he is an acquaintance of my husbands but I don't personally know him.
     So he wouldn't have your permission to be in possession of your property?
     No, he wouldn't.
     And he wouldn't have your permission to pawn your property?
     Most definitely not.
Prayers ARE answered...
     It just so happens that we picked him up yesterday on a different charge and he is in jail now.  Would you be willing to press charges for the theft of your property?
     Most certainly.

     When I hung up the phone I did a little waist-up chair dance with a few woo-hoo's, followed by a dozen or more "Thank You's" to God and all the angels and miracle workers.

     We don't often get our prayers answered so quickly... so directly... and with such a sense of humor.  I asked for a way to get me there... and was given a road map.

     How much more direct can God be?

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  1. Well that was definitely a message sent.

    he is definitely not a "friend"... that one.