Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Selections...

     I thought this weekend I would post some creative fun as I join up with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock [yes, I know she doesn't put spaces in it, but I really like the spaces because I think, like she does, that frog ponds do rock] for her Sunday Selections meme.

     These are all different views of the same thing, and the last photo is the pieces all put together.

THE Phantom Warrior designed by artist Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer


  1. I do sometimes put the spaces in , it all depends on how I am feeling :) I do like your horse sculpture. I find myself drawn to horse images and I will one day make a ceramic horse in the Ancient Chinese style :) Thank you for the lovely daydreams.

  2. I recognised the first one as a horse eye, but the whole thing looked too shiny, so I thought maybe I was mistaken. I'm pleased to eventually see that it is a horse, in statue form. And very lovely too.


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