Friday, March 16, 2012

Picture This...

     Linking up with Edenland this evening for a little lighthearted camera fun.  I have no pictures of me... that are incriminating... and I plead the 5th on whether or not I have any incriminating photos of anyone else stashed away in my blackmail folder.
One of the first free concerts that we went to at Ft Hood after arriving in Texas.
"Reel Heeros Eat Chikin"

This woman was standing in front of us and I was just fascinated with her  hair 'decor.'
She had at least six different hair clips and no apparent plan of attack.
I kept thinking... "What was she thinking?"

A quilt made of bras and ...
... panties thrown at Frank Zappa during his concerts.
This was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi, Louisiana.
I just couldn't imagine throwing my bra or panties at some guy on a stage...
And then hoped that they at least washed them before making them into a quilt.


  1. I also wonder who would be able to sleep under a quilt made of bras and knickers without their mind going into overdrive.

    1. I just can't imagine going to the HRC years later as a granny and saying, "Look kids, there's granny's bra and panties!" As a grandchild I think I would be scarred for life.

  2. Love the quilt, what a hilarious idea... then the second thought came to mind... were they washed????

  3. What an ecclectic mix of photos you've got here. I'm wondering about that woman's hair decor too... but it does look like she put a lot of thought into it. :)

  4. I'm in love with that quilt! It's kind of creepy and gross, but I can't help but be fascinated by it!

    And I really want to organize that woman's hair. Wow.

    Fun photos!

  5. Same thoughts on the great bras and knickers quilt... was it washed in hot water??? A lot of work has gone into that quilt but what a result.
    Can't say the same for the 'do'. thanks for sharing.

  6. OMG that quilt is bizarre! I wonder who collected them all from Frank and thought of this very unique idea?


    That ladies hair pieces. Just so puzzling.