Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chapter 1

     The story really begins here about this invasion in my body.

     As I find out more in the coming ... years ... I will occasionally post a note to add a 'chapter' to the story, to share what I've learned, what I've tried, and how I have won.  I'm claiming victory in this battle.  Victory my way.

     I'm still waiting on a final biopsy result for what the "expert" thinks that I need to do.  I've already done a little research on my options and apart from the fact that I think the expert is a jerk-off, I've decided that none of them are options for me.

     There are no win-wins with the options that the "experts" offer.  They all have complications, additional reconstructive surgeries, or just a lot of pain, discomfort, loss of function and "loss of quality of life."  Even with these "options" there is a high possibility that the invasion would return... so for two years of treatment and after-treatment I could get what?  The option of doing it all again?  The knowledge that all of those efforts were wasted?  That I sacrificed my quality of life for... a new house or car for the expert?

     Quality of life.

     Three words that can make a difference in how we look at things.  The medical profession often just focuses on quantity... not quality.  How.Much.Time.  Anticipated.Life.Expectancy.

     I focus on quality.  I focus on time with my husband, my friends, my family, my dogs.  I focus on life, laughter, love.  I focus on rainy mornings snuggling under the covers... clear moonlit nights walking on the beach... afternoons fishing and watching the dogs play in the bay, chasing crabs in the water.  I focus on hugs, kisses, and close, intimate times with the man I love.

     I focus on life.

     The experts can focus on watching this invasion and waiting for me to change my mind, but I'm focusing on life.  I'm focusing on beating this invasion by not giving it the advantage.  By not letting the options weaken my body and my spirit.  I'm not going to allow it to happen.  I'm focusing on 'Winning!' because I'm not going to focus on losing any of my quality of life.

     Because my life has quality.

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  1. That attitude is the attitude that will carry you forward! Be strong and focus on all the good things!