Monday, March 12, 2012


     I didn't sleep last night.

     I want my hour back for starters, and I want to find the off switch to my brain so that it stops churning all night long.  The 'committee' has been discussing all the "What if's" that are ahead of me, and trying to make lists of Plan B's, Plan C's and what is going to go into the 'Leap of Faith' pile.

     I've been looking for jobs back in the southeast areas since last October... close to Mom, close to the water. But so far the only jobs that have shown an interest are ones that are just gathering eligible applicants 'just in case' they get a funded position.

     "Just in case."

     Well, I'd like to have a back up plan 'just in case' I want to eat.

      So for the past week, the committee has been coming up with ideas of what I can do to have an income.  "Just in case."

     I keep think of these stories that I've read about people hitting that "significant" year of age (hmmm, like my 50th coming up) and decide they've had enough of the corporate world insanity and take that leap of faith to start their own business... pursue a dream job... volunteer with the Peace Corp... or just... be happy.

     So I'm taking notes while the committee is spinning in my head... just in case.

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  1. Its hard to shut down those committees isn't it? Sending healing thoughts your way.


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