Saturday, March 24, 2012

A spirit for writing...

Timber Wolf in Land of the Midnight Sun
 ~ Brooke Stone Jewelry ~
      Someone recently asked me about my books and I realized that I've never blogged much about them. There is a link to them on the right there to search for them on, but I've not talked about them.  I find it hard at times to toot my own horn... too many years as a wall~weed.

     Both of my fictions open with a Native American legend... oddly enough, I've not got any Native American blood in me. German, English, French-Canadian, and one Irish lass. Perhaps in a past life I was a Native American storyteller.

     "Trooper's Run" opens with a legend about wolves, and I used that because of a wolf I rescued during a hurricane - that much of the story in the book is true. But in real life he had a happier ending.

     It is about an abused woman who divorces and then flees to Alaska to escape her ex-husband who vows to kill her. She starts her life over again with a new name, reconnects with a lost love, and then has to fight for all she has built in her new life when her ex finds her.

     It also started as one of my thesis ideas when I was working on my MBA ~ chapter one is basically my business plan for renovating a vacant shopping center and revitalizing a neighborhood. I'd love to appear on The Shark Tank, or sit and chat with The Donald to see if he would back my idea. [Hint, Hint Universe!]

     "Trooper's Run" is about believing in, following and honoring your dreams... and never giving up on love or happiness.  It is violent... so not for the faint of heart... with some strong language.  But the goal was to make the reader dislike the antagonist (Owen) from the start so that the reader could see how far the protagonist (Cidney) had to go to be happy again.
     "Eagle Visions"  is again set in Alaska with all the characters from Trooper's Run, plus some new ones. 
Eagle Resurrection
 ~ Brooke Stone Jewelry ~
     It is also based on 9/11 PTSD issues for survivors and families.  On 11 Sept 2001, I was on a Delta flight from Florida to Pennsylvania that morning  for a business meeting in New Jersey.    My connecting flight in Atlanta was cancelled because of those horrific events, and I wound up driving back to Florida... sobbing as I listened to the radio.
Black Raven by Moonlight
~ Brooke Stone Jewelry ~

     The weekend prior to 9/11, I'd been in Connecticut, and took a day trip to New York City.  One of the things we did was to go to the top of one of the World Trade Center Towers.

     But for the grace of God... it could have happened while I was there since it was Labor Day weekend and the city was packed with tourists.

     "Eagle Visions" was about healing, rebirth and forgiveness... trusting your heart... being strong for those you love... and the things we do to survive.  It is not as violent... but depending on where you were on 9/11 you may react differently to the characters and their lives.  The language is softer as well (Mom approved).

     As I was writing "Eagle Visions," I researched the meanings of names when I was about three-quarters finished writing.  Amazingly, some of the names I had subconsciously chosen for characters all the way back to "Trooper's Run" had meanings that were tied to the "Eagle Visions" storyline.  It was a little creepy and eerie to feel like there was something spiritual and magical working through me to get the story out.

     I truly love these pieces by Brooke Stone Jewelry!  Such detail and beauty... and so much meaning for me.

     Donald ~ can we talk?  Oprah?  Ellen?  Lifetime Movie Channel ~ can we talk?  I've got some shopping to do... 


  1. You have chosen some beautiful pieces by Brooke, I just received my trailhorse in the mail.. truly works of art.

    I hope Oprah gives you a call.. you deserve to have one of these :-)
    Now I'll check out your books! Congrats, that's a huge feat.

    1. Thank you Karen! How exciting that you got your trail horse piece! She really does beautiful work!