Monday, March 19, 2012

Storms in our lives...

     It is thundering quite loudly outside.  Trooper is at my feet, shaking from fear.  Even when the lights went out for about 20 minutes and we could not yet hear the thunder, he began to shake, as if sensing the approaching storm.

     Earlier this afternoon, a guinea fowl appeared in the yard.  Most likely caught and blown in the rising wind from a farm somewhere.  The neighboring dogs were all eyes watching it run along the fence line in a panic, while one of the neighbors asked if we had gotten a new pet.

     No... maybe dinner if we can catch it... but not a pet.  Fortunately it flew to the top of a neighboring house and disappeared.

     Watching it run from me tonight as I tried to get close enough for a picture, and then watching it fly off... made me think of myself and how I've been running in a panic the last few weeks.  Oh, but to have the luxury of being able to fly away from it all.

     Storms come and go in our lives.  Literally and figuratively.  We may panic when the wind, rain, lightning and thunder begins, but we know that there will come sunlight and rainbows eventually.  Yet... when the figurative storms in our lives hit, we seem to forget that there will come brighter days.  Days when we will have wings to carry us away from the things we fear...

     Even when we don't have wings of our own to carry us... we are carried by angels who guide us.   This is one of those days... one of those times for me.

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  1. May your days be filled with sunlight and rainbows, and wings be unnecessary.


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