Friday, March 2, 2012

A Surreal Life...

     Life is cruel sometimes.  We all know that we aren't going to make it out alive... but it still comes as a shock when someone it taken earlier than we expected. 

     One of the women I work with lost her husband last month.  They had recently been talking about retiring when he returned home... now suddenly he is gone and so are all their plans.  What has made her loss even more painful has been the public attention to it.  She hasn't had a chance to grieve the loss of her love and best friend because she has had to be in the spotlight for the past month.

Edvard Munch ~ The Scream

     I imagine that it all feels surreal to her now.  As if she is on the outside looking in; watching all of this happen to someone else.  Running on auto-pilot, going through the motions until she is too exhausted to think, then getting up the next morning and doing it all again.

     There are times in all of our lives when an event happens and auto-pilot takes over.  A part of your brain shuts down to protect you from it all, and you just wake up each morning waiting for it all to be over so things can go back to being normal.

     Normal.  Just another setting on the washing machine.

     What we really want is to go back into our box... our comfort zone box... where we intimately know all the padding on the walls, where we feel safe and secure... and protected.

     But each time we are forced out of our box because of events in our lives... we find that when we return to "normal" the box has changed.  It might be too small now... or too large.  The padded walls are thicker... or thinner.  Maybe even the color of the walls have changed.

     Each time we step out into that surreal life ... we grow.  We change.  We learn ... to be more compassionate for others facing their own silent screams...

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  1. You are so right about the auto pilot. And it is amazing how much can be achieved in this state, but sooner or later it shuts off. Frequently with a bang.
    I am glad that the woman you work with has your caring compassionate self nearby.