Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Travels ~ Grewingk Glacier

     I thought I had posted already about my trip to Alaska in May 2008, but apparently not.  Wednesday snuck up on me, and with all that has been going on this week... I almost forgot about Thursday.

     These are photos from my trip to see my cousin.  We spent a wonderful weekend near Homer, AK, hiked a mountain, saw a fresh bear print in the mud, traversed an alder plain, kayaked out to Grewingk Glacier, and then hiked back.  It was incredible!

View from our cabin at Hideaway Cove Wilderness Lodge near Halibut Cove and Homer
We stayed the night before the hike.  So beautiful!

Stairs up to a point then hiked up and over the mountain.
Bear print in the mud.
Going down the far side to enter the Alder (tree) plain.

We've got to hike how far?????

A cairn we added to when we got closer to the glacier.

This was after we kayaked around the lake to a spot that was about a mile away from the glacier.
We could hear the glacier groaning and popping... a mile away!

The water temperature according to our guide was "3 minute" water.
Three minutes before you'd be in excruciating pain.
We had waders on over our clothes and heavy jackets.

The red line marks our hike, and the yellow where we kayaked.
Image is from Google Maps.

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