Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Travels... Home and Full Moon Dreaming

     Today's post coincides with Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboard for March and is one I had created Monday before some serendipitous events on Tuesday (which you will have to read about tomorrow on my High Five Friday post!  The suspense!!!)

     Jamie asks us "What if we took our cue from spring and allowed ourselves to soften? What if we let what’s within us find its way to the surface? What tender dreams would be revealed?"  My dreamboard focuses on finding my way home again.


     Home is where your heart is... home is where your family is... home is where your dogs are... home is where?

     Home for me used to be where my parents were... then where my husband was... where my dogs were... but never really where my heart was.  I grew up moving a lot and so "home" just usually meant a house somewhere with the people I loved.
     These last 18 months in Texas, however, have shown me just where my heart is, and where my home is... and where I want to be more than anything.  My husband and dogs will be there, but we will finally have a home where my heart is.

     Home is near the water... home is Florida.  Home is where I want to be.


  1. I love your dreamboard and I am certainly going to write what and where home is to me. Will be returning later to add my name! May all your wishes comes true!

  2. My heart would love to be all four seasons are, where trees grow tall, where soft snow will fall, where leaves change to beautiful reds, oranges, brown, and yellow, where the summer is warm but not hot, and spring bursts forth in glorious colors. Where we experience the change in seasons as we must experience the changes in life. Soft snow in a quiet forest...that is my go-to calming place.

    1. :) Maureen ~ I love the four seasons also, and consider this "season" of my life (as I quickly approach my 50th b'day) to be my mid-summer's dream time...

  3. Your board looks so inviting. I love being near/in/on the water. It is good to hear that you will be where your heart is. Have a wonderful journey.

  4. Wonderful how you focused on 1 theme... :) Nice writing prompts also! If I can find some time to blog about it, I'll add my link to Mr Linky.

  5. Love your board - AND your meme! I will definitely be working on this... and come back to add my name to your list! :)

  6. Home is where my library is, and where I can garden. Cats are included, as is my partner. Not exciting, but comfortable.

  7. Everything in your current life will start veering to that focus. Way cool.

  8. LOVE that your dreamboard came true so quickly! (yeah, I cheated and read the Friday post about Tuesday!) May all of your dreams come true in such serendipidous and speedy ways. xx

  9. REally great dreamboard. May things come to be as you wish.