Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dad's Jenks Avenue Project

These are photos of one of Dad's last projects that actually took him several years to complete.
This is a before picture.  The house was built in 1937.
Here is a picture of the front steps after all the shrubs were cleared out.  The steps were sinking and needed to be rebuilt, but they didn't want to use "new" bricks since they wouldn't match the rest of the house.
Front steps
Here you can see closer what the problem was ~ the original steps were built on a mound of sand that over 69 years washed away causing the steps to sink and become unstable.

He was able to remove the bottom step without damaging any of the bricks and rebuild and reinforce them with a good foundation of concrete that should last another 69 years.

Wherever possible they recycled wood from the original house in the remodel.  Below is a picture of the back side of the house and what would become the new entry to it.  All of the trees were removed with a little help from a hurricane which took down the large tree in the picture above.
Back side of the house which became the new entry door.
The back side of the house is where most of the real work was done.   There was an old two story WWII era apartment building on the back of the lot - not occupied since 1974 - and the siding on that was a good match for the siding on the house. He was able to recycle enough to replace all except one board on the old house.
Work on the back side of the house with the recycled wood.
The intent of the remodel was to keep it looking as much like the original architectural design as possible.  The picture below is the "after" of the front of the house.
The rear of the house, after...

The house is currently a law office.  The lot next door, to the far right in this picture belonged to the same attorney and Dad built a house on the lot.  It was his last project that he never saw finished.  When I get home I will have to take pictures and post them.

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