Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dreams do come true...

     Wednesdays are usually wish casting days with Jamie Ridler Studies, but she is taking a break for two weeks to make one of her dreams come true by going to Paris, France!!

     Her guest bloggers are all discussing dreams that have come true, so I dug out the journal and list of dreams I wrote up back in the late 1980's and see how many of them had come true.  I was trying at the time to list 50 things I wanted to do, but could only think of 40.

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon (January 1988)
  2. Go to Alaska (I went twice!  Summer 2008 AND winter 2009)
  3. Visit Germany as an adult and see my childhood memories through older eyes. (2007 and 2008. Still had magic!)
  4. Write a children's book (it was never officially published, but was a photo book of the adventures a small Steiff bear had on my first Alaska trip and I sent copies to my nieces and nephews)
  5. Go snorkeling (Bahamas 1986)
  6. Go on a cruise (river cruising is the ONLY way to go!  2007 & 2008)
  7. Try sushi (2010)
  8. Take cooking classes (2007-2010)
  9. Go white water rafting (Cody, WY 1997)
  10. Learn to crochet (Sept 2001)
  11. Stay with one company for more than three years (Lockheed Martin 1997-2008 before a moment of insanity)
  12. Learn to speak enough German to not get lost (2007 ~ LOVE Rosetta Stone!)
  13. Go to Switzerland (2007)
  14. Get a tattoo (2010)
  15. Run a 5k (1998)
  16. Finish my MBA (2001)
  17. Be a mom (so what if I'm counting the kitten I bottle raised who still calls me MawMaw)
  18. Teach (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 2005-2008)
  19. Write and publish a book (three of them now! 2008, 2009, 2011)
  20. Take some kind of art classes (I learned how to slump glass and make jewelry, plates and bowls 2008)
     The amazing thing has been that after I wrote that list, the journal was hidden away, then boxed up for a move or four, and forgotten since that time.  It was only when I unpacked it in the last year that I looked at it and was able to check off so many things on the list.  Without even being aware of it... my subconscious mind remembered the list... remembered my dreams that I hoped would one day come true... and steered me in directions to make at least half of them possible.

People aren't numbers. People are love.
     Some of the things on my list will never happen... like being a bio-mom.  Some of them I've realized I really don't want to do ~ like going bungee jumping, although hang gliding is still on the list.  I've also learned that some of my dreams... like weighing 125 lbs for five years or more... was unrealistic.

     Because the most important thing I did check off my list that I didn't put above was this:

     21.  Love myself and be happy with myself just as I am.


  1. That last is a really important one. I am not there yet, but continuing to strive for that goal.

    1. Honestly, I reached that point when I saw a woman at a "clothing optional" vacation resort who had a double mastectomy and realized that for all of my rolls, cellulite, and other things I didn't like to see when trying on clothes in a shop (always with my back to the mirror) I really, truly had so much to be grateful for.


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