Friday, April 13, 2012

Five on Friday ~ Simply Grateful

     Another week behind me, they are starting to speed up... and that is a good thing.  I've accepted that what I don't get done before I leave... can wait until I get there.  There will be days when I get home, before I start working, that I will have hours to do all of the things I want to do.  So for now, I'm just sorting the obvious things I don't want to take with me, things I need to box and ship to cousins, and things I want to take with me.  Linking to  *Maxabella loves... for her 52 Weeks of Grateful meme today.
Monday ... I made a decision hire movers after I sell, trash, donate, or leave as much of my furniture as I can.  Keeping David's boat will be the biggest expense, but otherwise I think I will be able to get the costs down with less furniture.  Now I feel like things are moving forward and I'm no longer in limbo.  Just the fact that I've made a simple decision has made me feel weightless this week.  Now to just convince my bathroom scale....

Tuesday ... somehow, my dad's work (civil engineering and carpentry) came up in conversation at work today and when I got home I found the article he wrote and some of his project pages.  Sharing them here on the blog is making me feel like he is still with me and that his legacy will last forever.  He was a simple man with simple needs, and always found the most simple way to make me feel loved.  We didn't get to spend much time together or talk much in those last five years, but just the times when we were able to sneak off to lunch together made me simply happy.
Wednesday ... found out that my favorite blend of Cafe OlĂ© Texas Pecan coffee is available for online purchase.  Yay!!  I'll be able to order it still when I get to Florida.  Now to convince Best Maid to put their hot dill relish online!  I'm finding joy and satisfaction in some of the simple things in my life.  I'm looking forward to just enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the bay.

Thursday... I'm starting to feel a little more motivated, and after two weeks of fighting with Cricket Wireless, things finally turned in my favor.  They still owe me a little bit of money for some wasted minutes, but refunded the cost for phones and minutes since they don't have service in Florida.  It was frustrating fighting with Cricket when it would have been so simple for them to just say "Sorry, we don't service Florida."  Instead, not once, not twice, but three times I had sales techs let me order a phone with a Florida number.  I suppose I should be simply grateful that I did get most of my money refunded.  Although they should be more grateful that I kept my cool when I went into the store to complain.

Friday...  I am simply grateful that it is Friday.  


  1. You've done it again!!! You know what!

    Only 22 more days... so soon! x

  2. Nearly there now. And the simple things in life are almost always the most important.