Sunday, April 15, 2012

i will not allow...

     This morning I read the latest blog by one of my blog heroes, Eden Riley of Edenland.  I've linked to her blog before, but I won't this morning.  The reason I won't is that she links back to an article written that she interviewed for in which the 'reporter' twisted facts and words.  Not just about Eden, I'm sure, but probably about all the mommy bloggers she interviewed for the article.

     I posted a rather long comment to that blog which I will share here because the more I wrote, the more I realized that "we" [the collective we, the blogging community] are gaining momentum, and a voice.  And as such we are becoming a threat to journalists because we don't have to write to please our editors, or the guys who count the pennies out each month.  We write because we LOVE to write.  We write because we speak OUR truth.  Not the truth we think you want to hear.  I don't have sponsors for my blog.  I don't make money from my words except for the books I have written, self-published and sold.  Sure, I put a linky up asking for donations because I'm desperate to get back home to Florida.  But I will never change who I am just to get a dollar here or there.

     So here is my comment on Eden's post [Mom, I'm apologizing in advance for the language at points, so don't share this one with your church ladies.]

Once upon a time, I had a great deal of respect for "the media." I wanted to be a writer 'just like them' when I grew up. I wrote radio ad copy for about two years and loved every second of it even though my 'office' was about the size of a small utility closet in the basement of the building. Then one day I was watching news about the murder of actor Patrick Duffy's parents ~ a robbery in which the man who killed his parents took less than $100. The thing that has forever stuck with me was the insensitive, persistent question by "the media" of "How does it feel to know your parents were murdered for less than $100?" How does it feel? How does it feel? I've heard that question time and time again when "the media" questions parents whose children have died in Iraq, or some other war. When husbands or wives are asked "how does it feel" watching someone they loved be lowered into the ground.

I lost all respect for the media that day. I wanted to scream at them "How the f*%k do you think it feels? I'm sure they would give anything, do anything to have that person back!" I haven't bought a newspaper or trash tabloid since that day. I know that my revolt is not making much damage to their bottom line, there are plenty of others who continue to feed off their lies, their stories, their "truth."

The truth is that Life is just one huge recovery effort for all of us. Every single day we deal with, cope with, fight with our own addictions. It doesn't have to be drugs or alcohol. It can be food, sex, Farmville. It can be work, sleeping, running. Every single day that we wake up, we are trying to recover from all of the memories, experiences, pain of our yesterdays. Some days we succeed and we can move forward. Other days, we relapse and are caught in a moment of weakness where we just sit in the tub and cry all night at the unfairness of it all. The helplessness. The hopelessness.

You, Eden, are a rock of honesty that "the media" just can't deal with. You are raw, you are beautiful, and that bitch that twisted your words to make them 'more interesting for the reader' will one day regret all of the things that she said and did to further her career in "the media" because she will see it for what it really is. Nothing but lies and smoke up our asses.

Blogging has become the #1 competition for "the media" because we are out there. Living life and talking about it. Sharing it. Giving readers more truth and honesty than what "the media" ever has before. And they can't handle it.

Don't ever change.

I have a piece of art that hangs near my computer that says "i will not allow myself to be less than i am to meet anyone's expectations."

     This is my vow to my readers.  I will not allow myself to be less than I am to meet anyone's expectations.  Ever.  If "the media" can't handle that... oh well, their loss.

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  1. Oh yes. So with you here. Except that dammit people do buy the tabloids, watch the news in which the dreadful 'how does it feel' questions are asked. So, in a sick and sad way we are giving positive reinforcement to the media for the insensitivity.
    I don't know what the solution is. I don't buy/watch them, but I am a drop in a very big sea.