Friday, April 6, 2012


“Passover, now, is a concept about people enslaved.
Everyone has their own personal Egypt.  
Passover is a way to leave that personal Egypt and get connected to God.”
~ Levi Mentz ~
Freed from
     I've never heard Passover described in that way, and when I read it yesterday, it rocked my world.  I know the story of Easter, and Passover, but have just never had it broken down in a way that can be applied to my life today.

     My "Egypt" has been my fear of taking that leap of faith and trusting that God would take care of me the way He has always taken care of me.  It has been what kept me feeling trapped (enslaved) in previous marriages and jobs.  It has kept me feeling tied down, isolated, and chained.

     My "Passover" in February when I gave notice at my job without having any real plan laid out, put my life in God's hands... where it has always been but I'm just usually too full of "free will" to admit it.  And God has provided, just as He promised.

     I've seen that.  Known that.  Thanked Him for it.  But last night when I read those words, it was as if it all just clicked together like pieces of a puzzle.

     What is your Egypt?  What enslaves you?  How will you pass over those things and connect to God?

A surprise email from Levi's father:
Baruch Hashem
Dear Cindi:
So nice to read your blog ..... especially quoting my son.
Thanks for making his dad proud that he taught someone and "rocked their world"
Rabbi Mentz

It is nice to see a father proud of his son... and a son who makes his father proud.  They are blessed. ~ Ci

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