Saturday, April 21, 2012


     I am linking with Kim of FrogPondsRock in Australia for her Sunday Selections of photos.  The 'rules' are really that there are no rules, and anyone can join in the fun by linking up with her blog.  Kim's selections today were beautiful, scenic sights for all of her house-bound friends, and The Elephant's Child has a wonderful selection of flowers from the garden.

     I have spent the day watching once treasured belongings go for nearly nothing as I try to get my moving expenses down to at least one kidney.  As a result, I am exhausted and feeling a slight bit of loss for those 'things' which I once swore I would never become so attached.  Things are just things after all, and no matter how hard we try, we can't take any of it with us when we go.  We come into the world naked and with nothing and leave the same way.

Dad, Aunt Linda, Uncle Ron
     My selection of photos tonight then will be some of the "things" I've lost, but have not really lost because they will forever remain in my heart and are so much more important to me than any of the "things" that left the house today.
Grandpa L, Aunt Sue, Grandma L
Grandma Nor & Grandpa C.


Miss Ebony





  1. A heart as big as your can easily hold this many people and animals. And while they are remembered and held in that heart they are not gone.

    1. This is so true... and I wish I could say that these photos represent all that I've lost, but there have been so many more...

  2. Very true what you said above - when it comes down to it our most treasured possessions are things we hold in our heart

    1. and those are the only things that will always remain with us... even after we have gone as well.

  3. Lovely comment by Elephants child. On a tangent, I bought your book the other day. I am waiting for it to be delivered. *grins*

    1. Which book did you purchase? It is also on Kindle and so no waiting necessary for the e-versions.

  4. ah the feeling of loss.... it's a hard one for me to overcome...

    for me, the material things in life i find easy to remain detached... but the loss of my body, that is something i'm struggling with...

    memories of people that have gone before me, or have just sort of faded from my life, those i will always cherish...always...

  5. So grateful for photos to help preserve our memories of those we have loved and lost.


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