Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Some more of Dad's projects... these are some sinks that he put in a vacation house for a prominent oral surgeon in Panama City.  Here is the garage sink project.
This is the unfinished version of the tub sink in the garage.
What I thought was REALLY cool was not just the storage drawers on either side of the sink, but the stairs that pulled out from under the sink for the kids to be able to get up and wash their hands.  When not being used, they just folded up and out of the way!
This is the 'bar' sink that he put in the laundry room
to replace the tub one he moved to the garage.
Okay, so that picture above is 'eh?' no big deal... at first glance.  But check out this Rodgengineering....
To make the skirt bend around the corner he cut it into segments and glued it back together (it has a piece of Tee Shirt epoxied on the back side of the corner to give it added strength). The brackets were made from a piece of dunnage that he dragged home from the lumber yard. It took four tries to steam bend the trim around the counter top (out of 3/8" Oak – the radius is about 3 ½"). The sink is up off the floor so it can be cleaned under and there is a place to put the trash can.

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  1. One very clever man. No wonder his daughter is so proud.


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