Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Selections

Normally I link up with Kim and Frog Ponds Rock for this meme, but she is sleeping in this Easter morning.  So I'm dusting off these pictures that have not seen the light of my monitor in quite a while until she wakes up.

Tiny baby lizard sunning... it was about an inch long not counting tail.

Tree frog by the key pad at work ~ taking refuge from the rain that day.
Another baby lizard ~ this one rescued from my cat at the time.


  1. I adore your frog and your lizards as well. Thank you.

    PS: I am just going to send an email to Kim to make sure she is OK.

  2. I just couldn't muster the energy to do Sunday Selections this week. All will be back to normal next week. And your photos made me smile. Thank you


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