Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday.... plausible deniablity

     My wanderlust which I hoped would have been satisfied with writing about travels on Thursdays ~ or reading ~ about places that others want to go ~ has not worked.  It has been making my feet itch and my ears long to hear the rush of an airplane as we take off for places unseen, to arrive in an unfamiliar city, to hear accents spoken in unfamiliar languages or to figure out just what they are talking about even though they use the "King's English." [American English by the way must have been developed by one of the King's juggler's who tossed their sails over there where they're going on sale while they read the book they wanted to read.]

     I've thought about making Thursdays the day to share my favorite recipes but I honestly don't cook enough to do a weekly blog, and most of the time when I do cook, it is srevotfel which is just leftovers spelled backwards.  That is what my mom called it, but my husband just calls it Cindi's surprise.  Usually the surprise is that no one gets sick or dies from it.  Plus there are about a gazillion other blogs on cooking and recipes and I don't want to just be another lemming. 

     It is hard also to explain how I make my own barbeque sauce because apart from the basic ingredients (ketchup, mustard, honey, strawberry jelly) which are not measured but just thrown in the pot to be cooked down and blended. I usually just grab the odd seasonings (Cajun, Ancho chili, or whatever is handy) and make it to taste.  It is never the same twice.

     Thursdays seem to need some kind of structure.  Some kind of OCD order to my ADD thinking.  A way of starting my weekend early by starting to unwind a little early for Friday.  So for now, I think I'll share part of an email of my warped humor and honesty that makes it far too obvious that I'm a short-timer here... let me preface this by saying this wasn't the first time the excuse had been offered, and it always made more work for me to get things accomplished.  Rest assured I did apologize later for snapping off, but my head remains on the chopping block...

Off with her head!
"Just because BQ "wasn't there at the time," he is there now, and is still responsible for the contract NOW because he is the current contract officer representative.
I would love to be able to say that I wasn't here at the time this contract was created so it's not my problem. That would leave me off the hook for about 75% of the 150 files in my cube. But that's not how things work.
He is the current rep, and so at the very least, he needs to be aware of what is going on with the contract, whether it involves a past action or not. Any corrections or de-obligation of funds we have to modify on a previous task order are going to be a part of the current contract.
Plausible deniability only works for the President and members of Congress.  Not for contract officers, specialists, administrators, or representatives."

     Yes, I really should work for myself and be my own boss.  I at least get my own sense of humor.

** Editing to add the response by the recipient after my apology:

I have always really appreciated you and you are a heck of a person/employee.  I have really enjoyed working with you and hate to see you go. You will definitely be missed by us!!!!!!!!!!! No worries about the email. No offense taken, appreciate your honesty. Something you rarely see these days.


  1. oh how i would love to have the nerve to use that sense of humor at work! haha so many occassions to pop off with something dark, witty, sarcastic - and raw to the bone honest... but alas, my butt would be promptly escorted to the exit door and my keys taken away LOL

    1. and the problem with that would be????? I'm really not a trouble maker as much as it sounds like I am, but I am honest, and ethical, and have a high work standard for myself. Especially working for the government because I am essentially paying myself. My taxes are what pays my salary so at times it feels like I'm working for free. This job was not what I was told it would be when I interviewed, and the next time I interview for a position, I will ask if I can speak to some of the other employees before making a decision. We have an extremely high turnover rate here because of the stress level taking its toll. I no longer choose to let my job kill me...

    2. ah working for the govt... i do the same... and although i have thought it, i have never really put into words the feeling of working for free LOL

      i am so looking forward to the day when i can stop working... i can read, write, snap some photos, work on some drawings... so many things i WANT to do...

      the only downside in all that is that the day i stop working will be because i can no longer work... ugh... the future of disability... a bit darkish to think about

  2. Accepting responsibility seems to have died with the dodo. Please, please can we find just a tiny cell somewhere and clone it? It would make life so much easier for so many of us.