Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Travels ~ Niger, Africa

     I'm linking today instead of writing on someplace I've been or want to go.  One of my 'real' heroes, Eden Riley of Edenland, is in Africa, as a BloggerMom for World Vision and the plight of those starving in Africa.

     I call her a 'real' hero because she is incredibly brave, with superhuman strength, words that can leap continents and oceans and tall buildings, and a wit that is fast and furious and filled with honest, raw truth.  And because she is just like any of us.  She is a mom.  She's human.  She's compassionate and caring, and I'm in awe of her.  She's battled demons and dragons, and conquered them all... and has been willing to sit by the ashes of the demons to share her tales with us... to help us be strong... to help us heal... to help us to also be brave and be heroes.

     I love the photo she shared of this child because the light behind her makes it look like God's light and blessings are shining down on upon her and all of the children... on their plight... on those that would stand up to help instead of stepping aside.  I love the trust in the child's eyes... and I hurt for the look of pain and resignation in the eyes of the other two children in the picture.

Photo by Eden Riley, hero
     So my travels today are to encourage you to reach out and touch another who is hurting, hungry, or in pain.  Whether you decide to sponsor a child through World Vision, or another organization... pay it forward... touch a heart... because one touch, touches us all.

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