Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bathroom Vanity...

     Aha!  Caught you looking!  I bet you were thinking you could catch me looking like Medusa!

     Actually, this is another of my Dad's projects for the oral surgeon's vacation house in the woods.

The thinking process...
      Dad was a scribbler.  He had tons of these yellow note pads.  Tons.
Literally, a hoarder's dream.  He would take them to a job and scribble down ideas, measurements, and what not.  Like this one.

     And believe it or not... it would come to life.
The creative process...
Well, maybe with a little work....
The finished product
      The top is a Corian knockoff that was made locally. He wanted something really dark to compliment the red of the Mahogany and contrast the really cheap porcelain sink. His idea was to get the feel of an old fashioned wash stand with a porcelain bowl and a pitcher of water. Here it is finished with the mirror and lights.


  1. Looks terrific and I love the color on the wall!

    1. Even though it is for the surgeon's "fishing camp" in the woods, I think it has more of a Cape Cod lighthouse feel about it.

  2. It looks amazing and classy and that sink does not look cheap. So clever, your father. No wonder you are proud.

    1. Dad had a way of making old look new... I think they call it "up-cycling" now...


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