Monday, May 21, 2012

College dreams and other things...

     I was approached recently about a post regarding how college can help with your writing.  I was asked if I would allow someone else to write it, and then post it as if I wrote it.  They would pay me [a very small amount] to keep it on my blog.  After much haggling, I agreed but only if I had the option to edit and censor the post.  The 'educational website portals' link that they will include in the post will be one that I research before I finally do make it public.

     The truth is, that I believe writing can help with your college dreams... as well as college helping with your writing.  Writing is just one way of communicating with each other, and if we learn to express ourselves in written form it is often easier to express ourselves verbally.

     I taught for several years at a University.  Most of my students were adults who were at a mid-point in their careers.  They either needed the college degree for advancement in their jobs, or were seeking an alternative career once they retired from the military.  Occasionally I would get a new military recruit who realized that he/she didn't like military life and just wanted to get out as soon as their enlistment was up.

     I would always encourage all of the young military members to reconsider leaving the service, and just cross-train into another field if necessary.  I told them that the military offered them more security and opportunities [at that point it did anyway] than most civilian jobs.  If they didn't like their commanding officers [boss] or fellow enlisted associates now, I could pretty much guarantee that there would be bosses or co-workers on the outside that were going to be just as bad.

     The military offered medical care, housing, travel opportunities, and educational opportunities that most civilian employers aren't able to offer.  I tried to encourage them to stay in as long as possible, to retirement if possible, and take as many educational opportunities they could.  To set career goals that they could meet after retiring from one career in the military to start another in the private sector.  If they advanced their military careers, they would be able to retire with a paycheck every month and still be able to follow their dreams and goals at a relatively young age.  If a new recruit at 18, just out of high school, put in 20 years with the military and advanced up the ranks as much as possible, they could retire at 38 and still have the whole world in their hands.  Plus a steady income to support them and medical care while they reached for the stars.

     To be all they could be... both in and out of the military.

     And it all begins with writing... communicating... expressing ourselves in ways that reach others.

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  1. Communication is indeed something to be worked on. I will watch out for your guest post.


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